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Walked into DAAK CONSULTANTS on the 5th of June. Spoke to a lady named Sarah and received my orientation from her. A very detailed one, I might add. I was asked to join the very next day.

That's when it started. My short but memorable journey with DAAK.
Walked into the place, a very nervous and awkward girl, desperate to get a good score in her IELTS exam, wondering if she'll make it. Now I'm proud to say that with an overall band of 8, I'm a very very happy and pleased student of DAAK. The day Divya ma'am told the entire class that I'm capable of a 9, was when I realised that she saw something in me that was never pointed out to me earlier. The amount of work and effort she and Sarah ma'am put into training us was mind boggling. I mean, from the explanations to the tests to the extra hours they spend daily to clarify doubts. I never stayed back for extra work but when I didn't hand in enough writings and didn't practice my readings, I got yelled at. I didn't mind because it was all worth it in the end.
This journey gave me so much. It not only got me an 8 for my exam, it changed my life; for the better. I worked at DAAK for 3 and a half months and it improved my people skills (I even got people thinking that I was Divya ma'am's younger daughter) and my English by leaps and bounds.

Thank heavens I chose DAAK. New friendships, a wider network of amazing people to call my family and new beginnings. All in all, my experience with DAAK was awesomesauce! Thank you Divya ma'am. :)

Thanks and regards
Rumelda Johnstone


"DAAK is the right place for your dreams to come true. Your schooling days of English learning are reviewed and retaught in a whole different way by Mrs.Divya (an English expert who has many years of English teaching experience). She runs the class with a team of assistants and takes personal care and attention to individuals on their pursuit of IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL-iBT exams.

Getting a score of above 8 in each module can be achieved only through rigorous training. This is what the class provides to a student. Daily sessions on writing, speaking, reading and listening are conducted and reviewed by Divya. The month long program will not only enable you to get the score you need, but also will increase your command on English.

I got an overall score of 90 in PTE academic examination. Divya's daily coaching made me excel in this exam. I would strongly recommend you to attend her program and she would be of the best guidance you can get.

Note: My PTE score report is with Mrs.Divya for any validation one may need."

Thanks and regards
Riazudeen Ahmed


"A good teacher can unleash the necessary forces in a willing student"....True to this dictum...Divya is an exceptional teacher/trainer in IELTS. Her dedication and enthusiasm motivates the students to give more of themselves in preparing for the IELTS. I am more than confident to take up the IELTS exam now, after the structured and rightful tutelage from Divya. Hands-down Divya is one of the best trainers in IELTS in Chennai. More power to your elbows!!! With respect and admiration, Shankari N --24.01.2013

Thanks and regards


My name is Neel. I was confused whether to join a coaching class for IELTS or not. My family and friends said that I need not as I have a decent command over the English language and I may get the required score by practicing at home. I decided to go for a coaching class because I did not want to get surprised rather shocked during exam. It is always better to get an expert advise.

Now the next task was to find a GOOD coaching center where I can improve my English and learn exam techniques. I started Googling (Sorry ma'am, I know it's not right English lol...) and spoke to number of IELTS coaching centers, visited a few and spoke to trainers as well and guess what I was all the more depressed because none of them met my expectations. Those centers may have helped me to get the required scores but I am sure that I would have ended up correcting their grammar, I never got anyone I can look up to as the English language trainer. Finally I called up IDP and asked them if they knew any good trainer and I was given Divya ma'am's contact number, I called her and I decided to get trained by her.

I finally joined and it was every penny worth. I was given clear instruction on all the four modules. Ma'am helped me to find out the area I was weak and discussed steps to improve. She clearly mentioned that she has no magic wand and I need to work hard to get what I wanted. I just followed her instructions and cleared my IELTS with the following score, L - 8.5, S - 7.5, R - 7.5, W - 7. She kept on telling me that I need to work hard on my writing as well but I was focusing more on Listening. I know I did not practice enough for writing hence the score. Had I prepared a little bit more I could have scored even better.

Anyway folks, from my experience I recommend each one of you to join DAAK as you will get what you want. DAAK will prepare you to reach your dream score. In case anyone wants to speak to me you can contact me on 9841933737.




Divya Ashok helps in identifying key aspects and also in developing strong presentation techniques to address the needs of the Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking modules. By the end of training I was well prepared to take the IELTS test, thanks to adequate practice and experienced coaching

Kaushik, New Zeland


Coming under the tutelage of Divya Ashok is a defining process. When undertaking the IELTS/BEC examinations, it is not individual proficiency in language alone that comes under the scanner. There is further requirement - finesse. Its about gaining confidence, perspective and insight into the requirements of the different modules. For beginners the key aspects broken down into simpler components and for the adept emphasis is on the deft strokes that really define completion. Near perfection.

prashanth shankar

 Thanks to Divya mam

Going to class everyday was something i always looked forward too. Classes were very interesting and useful, Divya m'am was very encouraging and informative always gave me the confidence that i would get a high score in my IELTS exam. Nervousness was always overcome by the confidence that was provided to me. The practice material was very helpful as it covered every area of the IELTS examination. The frequent tests that were held weekly prepared me for the exam and gave me a sense of where i needed to work on.
All this helped me get an 8.5 in my IELTS exam am more than grateful to m'am for her continuous encouragement. Thank you once again m'am.

Sahil Duseja


 Thanks to Divya mam

You taught my brothers and you taught me. We have a family history with you! Thanks for everything.

Prasad, Student in Canada

 Thanks to Divya mam

My teacher, My mentor, My friend always.Hope you guide many more students like you did me!

Sindhu, Student
( Sindhu is currently in Melbourne.)

 Thanks to Divya mam

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be in Australia.Best wishes always.


 Thanks to Divya mam

The convenience of the place brought it to my attention. Classes were very helpful, informative and also had a pinch of fun in them which took away the boredom and made me concentrate more.

Every student in class is given close attention too and their weaknesses are worked on. When i joined class, i was given a detailed explanation of the whole class and the ielts program in general, the study material that was given to me was of great help as i could do most of the learning at home as well. Every Friday was test day with all the modules which gave me a sense of where i stood and which module i needed to work on more.

I really appreciated that everyone was give equal importance in class and the weaker ones given more attention. Also it was always seen that each and every student finished what was done in class even though they had missed class.

Tips and pointers were constantly given, on where we could score more marks and which areas we needed to concentrate more on.
Overall the classes were very helpful and teachers very dedicated they took out the time from their busy schedule to help me with my preparation as i had a very short period to prepare for the exam. I couldn't be more thankful to Ms.Divya for helping get a good score.

Chintya Ajit, Student
(Chintya Ajit now studies at HTMI- International Hotel & Tourism Management. Switzerland )



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